About Trade Street Taphouse


Our Philosophy

We believe in good beer, good food, and good friends. We also believe in enjoying those things in a setting of community, and that’s what we love about Amity, where “local” is more than just a buzzword. In the Pacific Northwest, we all benefit from abundance--abundance of natural beauty, abundance of good-natured people, and abundance of good weather (ok, the last part was a joke). The Trade Street Taphouse strives to celebrate that abundance and be good stewards of the resources and people who make it possible. You’ll see this reflected in the pride and care we put into what we do--from the ingredients that go into our food, to the ethical environmental practices we take in our business, and all the way down to the care we take in pouring a perfect pint.

Our Team

We’re three friends with different backgrounds and different skills, united in an effort to deliver great beer without any pomp and circumstance. You might find Brandon behind the bar most days. Don’t be fooled by his messy-bun--he’s as down-to-earth as it gets and would love to talk to you about our 18 taps and turn you on to a beer that just might be your next favorite. Jeff’s sense of humor is dryer than our latest dry-hopped pilsner, and he’s the king of memes. When he’s not at the Taphouse, you can find him in McMinnville chasing tail on his skateboard through the back entrance at Nick’s. Colin joined the team to combat carpel tunnel at his day job. When he can be found at the taproom, there’s almost sure to be the smell of barbecue wafting through the door. Together, we are your Trade Street Taphouse proprietors, and we’d love to have a beer with you (as soon as we’re off the clock ;)